City Guide

Countless stories weave my city.

You see, this fort over here isn’t just an architectural wonder. It comes with myths and stories about the royals who drifted through these halls. Listen to the celebrations that echoed through these courts. Feel the chaos of devastation that broke this place, passing from one ruler to another, only to be resurrected again.
A lane towards the left corner of city fort leads to the best view point one can ask for. You can spot a blanket of stars from up here at night. During the day, you can sit under the old dense trees, a paradise tucked away from the eyes of the crowd.
The chai wala who opens his stall at 4 AM rolls his way across that side lane every morning, but on Mondays he probably sleeps. There is a large field where local potters sculpt across the road, right in front of his stall. The morning sun shines through incomplete pieces, standing silhouettes waiting to be perfected. And against the sunsets on Sundays, the same artists conduct sculpting workshops.
My city is woven by stories. It is so much more than what meets the eyes.

Do you want to be the narrator of your city’s stories? Or are you an artist with their own universe and skills to share? Join The Boring Trip as a City Guide to design best experiential plans for travelers. Maybe you could help jot down new tales while you take our customers on amazing adventures?

Awesome Reasons to be a TBT Guide

  • Earn while you travel
  • Network and meet new people
  • Grow your independent experiential business
  • Use TBT as a platform to build your brand
  • You’ve got the skills, and we’ve got you!

Eligibility Criteria for TBT Guide

  • Should be able to communicate what their heart has to say
  • Has the ability to kill ‘boring’ from The Boring Trip
  • Is excited about sharing unique and off-key experiences with fellow travellers
  • Can curate engaging travel experiences
  • Loves to Travel, Duh!

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