The Boring Trip

The Boring Trip is a peculiar travel Company. Trolley bags, hotel names, sightseeing itineraries, a standard buffet menu, as important as they may be, they make us yawn. We are a bunch of stubborn travel enthusiasts who will take you on escapades like a true wanderer. Allow us to match you with the best experiential travel plans and fun stays!

If you are someone who likes to seek adventure, escape into new terrains, smack their lips to local flavours, drench themselves in different colours, and meet new folks, then you have landed on the right page. For those consumed by wanderlust, here is your chance to indulge in a romantic foreplay with local cultures. Submerge yourself in an adventurous travel experience.

Our Story

India is woven together by stories. She is not a country that you can understand by visiting monuments in the hope that she will let you peek into her past. If you truly want to understand India, listen to her. She has countless stories to tell, and through her people, she unveils herself.

“We grew up listening to the tales of great kingdoms, their rise and fall and the folklores that surround our culture. They shaped our life to what it is today. From the food we eat to the languages we speak. It is complex, but in its diversity lies India’s beauty. I just wanted to indulge in experiences to truly understand my country. And that is when I realized the need for a platform like The Boring Trip.“
Anand Singh Bundela

Anand Singh Bundela-Founder

I want to help people transform the way they travel. Traveling no more represents packed trolley bags, booked hotel rooms, and tourist destination tickets. Traveling is a form of lifestyle, it is exploring new edges, pushing our boundaries, seeking the thrill and happiness in life, an escape for some, a method to find themselves for others. This calls for a change in the travel resources that are offered in the market. We are trying to create a big community of travelers who support each other on the way as we land over unexpected landscapes.